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Library Resources

We found the following resources for libraries on the web.

From SUNYergy / SUNY's Library site:
This site is from their magazine of October 2000.

From the CETIS site
1) Library Accessibility Issues:
2) CETIS-TechDis Accessibility SIG
(Special Interest Group):

State Surveys of Library Accessibility

1) Massachusetts Library Accessibility Survey - 2003 -

[Survey questions previously at     and  at     --- may still be somewhere on the site.]

2) Connecticut Library Accessibility Survey  - November 2002
Most of the items in this survey are related to architectural design.  The last 2 pages deal with other issues.

More information at and select each heading - goals, methods, udates, products, contact us.

The following listings are from the website of the American Library Association:

"Accessibility Basics for Librarians" Online Tutorial -
This tutorial is free to members of the American Library Association (ALA), and is offered periodically.   The archived tutorial is at .

2) Accessibility archives - from ala's Interface web mag...

3) pdf of a conference presentation / ala / -


5) - prepared 12/2000

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